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Sacrificial Anodes - Anodes.nl

Aluminium Anodes

The chemical composition of aluminium anodes is based in the well established Al-Zn-In and it is suitable for most sea water applications. Their electrochemical capacity is more than 3 times greater than the capacity of zinc and it is nowadays the most widely used alloy for the cathodic protection of ships and other marine metallic structures.

Our pre-casting quality secures the concentration of all important elements (either impurities or allying elements), even in very low concentrations, in order to strictly conform with the specification. 

Zinc Anodes
The Zinc alloy type is the well-established formulation based on US MIL – A – 18001K specification. It is suitable for general seawater applications. Its low electrochemical capacity makes it suitable for coated structures were the current demand is significantly seduced.
Magnesium Anodes
De magnesiumanode werkt in het algemeen goed in brak en zoet water. Magnesium bevat een lagere overgangsweerstand en is daardoor beter geschikt in zoet en brak water dan zinkanodes